Multiplier Events


Due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ME was divided in two sessions, and reached 51 participants in total. The first session was organized on the 23rd of April 2021 at the Mall of Cyprus and the second one on the 25th April 2021 at Ktima Yerolemo. More information about each session can be found below.  


The first part of the ME in Cyprus was organized in the Mall of Cyprus, where members of the target group such as VET trainers/ teachers, students and other relevant stakeholders took part in small workshops and presentations of the ENTRE@VET project aims and objectives, the e-learning platform and the educational material developed. 


The second part of the ME of the ENTRE@VETSCHOOL project was organized in collaboration with the winery Ktima Yerolemo in Limassol. Members of the target group such as VET trainers/ teachers, students and other relevant stakeholders attended the event and had the opportunity to learn more about the project aims and activities, and to familiarise themselves with the resources and materials developed as part of the project. The last part of the event, included a speech from Ms Helen Athinodorou, co-owner of the Ktima Yerolemo, who talked about her entrepreneurial journey and how COVID-19 brought new challenges but also new opportunities for entrepreneurial initiatives. At the end of the event, participants had the opportunity to enjoy a brunch at Ktima Yerolemo and also a wine tasting experience.  

To sum up, this activity marks up the last phase of the implementation of the activities of the ENTRE@VETSCHOOLS project. Overall, the events organized to promote the projects results and materials were successful, and participants had the opportunity to learn more about the development and the promotion of entrepreneurial skills. The events offered a good opportunity to raise awareness and to ensure the sustainability of the project’s results.


Organizing a multiplier event during the pandemic is a difficult task. In our region, schools in our level (upper second level education level) were closed for a period of over 5 months, as only distant learning education was implemented during this time. Moreover a strict lockdown was held in Greece since January 2021, limiting the transports. When schools finally opened on April 2021, we decided to organize our multiplier invent, taking as many safety protections possible and inviting as many people possible. Our multiplier event took place on 12 of April 2021. For safety reasons, we split our multiplier event in our two shifts, morning and evening shift. In each shift, the multiplier event included a brief welcome, an introduction to our project and its products in our school’s amphitheater with all necessary precautions, and a workshop demonstrating our tool bank and the platform of the project. Despite the transport restrictions which are still valid for our region, we invited and welcomed teachers not only from our region (Piraeus) but from many places from the metropolitan area of Attica We also welcomed teacher instructors and counselors and a couple of entrepreneurs, as their opinion is also valuable. We were fully satisfied by the outcome of the multiplier event and so were our participants as their answers to our evaluation questionnaire were enthusiastic, considering the difficult period everybody is facing throughout Europe.

  Receiving such positive feedback and interest from the event, we decided to plan a follow-up webinar for anyone who will want to get more information and training on our tool bank and especially our platform.


On the 21st of April 2021, the Multiplier Event (ME) in Romania was organised as an online meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. An online event was prepared and promoted on the CDIMM Maramures Facebook-page. The event attracted a total of 45 participants and 3 staff members.

The ZOOM Platform was used and the Meeting PRO version was selected, so as to not have time limit for the event.

The information about the ME in Romania was disseminated to the persons that joined the Pilot Testing phase in Romania, to the County Inspectorate for Education, and to the messaging list of CDIMM Maramures.

Radu BIG opened the meeting and presented the project philosophy, the research made in 6 countries and the selection of the 6 area of entrepreneurial skills selected from the total of 15.

He also presented the activities that were delivered through the project, the achieved results, the site and the Entrevet Academy Platform. The participants were encouraged to make individual accounts on the platform: 16 participants did it.

Towards the end of the event, an evaluation form was handed out were 35 participants answered. The large majority of participants agreed the ME, the documents and the online tools are very useful for education.

To conclude, Radu Big presented the EntreVET IO5 Policy Recommendation Pack and encouraged participants to sign the online petition. 12 persons did it during the event.


On the 22nd of April 2021, the University of Hannover conducted a multiplier event online. The University managed to reach 26 people, all of them teachers or teacher trainers. The objectives, methods, and toolkit were presented and discussed. There was an intense working atmosphere throughout the event. It became clear that experiences in the classroom with entrepreneurial education approaches among teachers vary significantly. There was great approval for the professional course developed in the project.

As a result, the discussions were characterised by great openness to emphasise or include entrepreneurship education in curricula.


On the 29th of April 2021, the Multiplier Event for Iceland was organised at the University of Reyjavic with a total of 30 participants.