IO4 – Setting up the HUBS

The main aim of IO4 is the production of the ENTRE@VETSCHOOL GUIDE, which is essential for each organization for the implementation of the programme in VET schools, training, educational centres and other Institutions based on the creation of ENTRE@VET hubs.

The TOOLKIT below includes a CAMPAIGN and a PETITION in support of introducing this type of skills to students, and to promote the creation of the ENTRE@VET SYNERGIES with enterprises, trainers, business and ICT experts, professionals, banks, SMEs etc. needed for the sustainability and exploitation of the project.


Pilot Testing

Pilot Testing in Greece, Romania, UK and Cyprus


The pilot testing in Greece was performed in order to test the platform which is the main output of this project. It contains the educational material we produced for the development of entrepreneurial skills. The pilot testing was a necessary task in order to evaluate, test and define mistakes and weak points of our platform.Unfortunately, under the circumstances of the pandemic we could not perform this pilot testing face to face in our school’s classes as intended. So, the pilot testing was performed in the period of the first weeks of February 2021 using an online communication tool (Webex) in multiple sessions. The pilot testing included 13 students from our school, 4 teachers and teacher counsellors and 1 entrepreneur. We demonstrated online our project, the toolkit and the platform and then allowed some period for all testers to interact with our platform. After a second online session in which they expressed their impressions and remarks, they filled an online questionnaire about our platform and the whole educational process of the course.
The feedback from our testers was encouraging. Off course there were some minor issues about our platform to be solved, but this was the actual value of the testing.


In February 2021, CDIMM Maramures (P3) organised the Pilot testing successfully with 32 participants. Based on their previous cooperation with VET Schools in Maramures County throughout the projects’ lifetime, they managed to invite them to the Pilots and were at an advantage as the participants were already informed about the project.

The Four VET Schools that joined our pilot testing were:

  • George Baritiu Technical College Baia Mare
  • Technical High School “Alexiu Berinde” Seini
  • Technical College ”Anghel Saligny” Baia Mare
  • Economic College “Nicolae Titulescu” Baia Mare

Another 2 organisations had representatives at the pilot testing:

  • Maramures County Inspectorate for Education (1 inspector)
  • CDIMM Maramures (3 experts)

All of the projects’ results were presented (in Romanian) and all participants were invited to create counts on the Entre@VETSCHOOL Academy, the online platform developed for testing and education on entrepreneurial competences. The P3 experts presented the platform and the facilities for teachers and for students.

United Kingdom

Lancaster and Morecambe College (LMC) conducted the piloting of the Entre@VETschools resources over a period of three weeks from 22nd February to 12th March 2021. All piloting activities were delivered online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with some tasks completed by participants individually at home between virtual training sessions. The participants were a mixture of VET teachers, support staff, careers advisors and students and were seperated into two groups for delivery to make the sessions easier to manage virtually. Each group participated in several days of active delivery by an LMC trainer and then a selection of practical activities conducted individually in a blended learning model. 

The piloting phase was a success and all participants found the sessions useful and engaging. The online format worked well under the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, but we would have preferred to have completed the piloting in person if it had been possible. The participants found the resources piloted extremely useful and provided positive feedback on all elements of the project outputs and training.

The feedback provided by the participants was communicated within the project consortium along with the feedback from other piloting sessions. Some minor alterations to the learning content and e-learning platform were made as a result.

LMC are happy with implementation and outcomes of the piloting despite the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result of the piloting and feedback, we are confident that Entre@VETschools has achieved many of the aims outlined at the beginning of the project.


🤔 ‘If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs’ – Tony Gaskins
👉 As part of the pilot testing phase of the ENTRE@VETSCHOOLS programme in Cyprus, Emphasys Centre collaborated with the Technical School in Augorou. Through the online seminar, the students had the opportunity to learn more about the programme, the e-learning platform and to take part in a discussion on how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and tips and guidance on how to turn their ideas into action in the context of Cyprus.
💯 A big thank you to all the participants for their active participation in the seminar, and to the Technical School of Augorou for offering us the opportunity to achieve this.