IO2 – Educational Backpack

Educational Pack with teaching and learning tool and resources, as well in-service for VET teachers and Career Counselors

Short Description

Based on the development of the benchmark research to map out the current scene in each of the country, the development of the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework with inbuilt benchmarks and indicators for students’ learning progress and skills identification, this Intellectual Output (IO2) has designed and developed a Dual Educational Pack which will contain:



(3) CAMPAIGN for the promotion of the ENTRE@VETSCHOOLS HUBS

– The creation of the ON-LINE ENTRE@VETSCHOOLS DATA BANK with a wide selection of tools, resources, teaching material, videos, reports, etc. highly useful for the implementation of the ENTRE@VETSCHOOLS HUBS.

The Handbook

This handbook aims to make the activities and material, carried out by the Entre@VETSchools project, visible and accessible to inspire teachers and guidance counselors in the VET sector to take a step forward in developing and planning courses and providing support for the students – fostering entrepreneurship in VET schools. The role of the Entre@VETSchools project is to understand the current situation in the VET sector, which focuses on entrepreneurship. Moreover, to research and develop tools that aim at helping teachers, guidance counselors and professionals to develop new approaches in which leads to new teaching methods and courses having entrepreneurship at the core. Therefore, this handbook aims at supporting curricular and teaching orientation to develop entrepreneurial skills in VET schools.


The handbook can be found in all partner languages.

The handbook is the Professional Development Course for VET Career Counsellors. It refers to the up-skilling programme to be offered to Career Counsellors both for professional development, but also for support in order to implement the ENTRE@VETSCHOOLS HUBS.

Practical Activities

The activities are addressed to the students and are the Career Orientation Back Pack with a focus on entrepreneurial paths/routes. Rather than going through pages of theory, below you can find 60 hands-on activities for your learners!

The Campaign

The aim of the ENTRE@VETSchools dissemination plan is to inform all stakeholders (carrier counselors/advisors/teachers, VET students, regional and national educational authorities, entrepreneurs etc.) about the project’s progress, products and results. Especially to spread the information about the creation and the usefulness of the main project outputs, the ENTRE@VETSchools CARRIER GUIDANCE TOOL KIT and platform (Interactive portal). 

Therefore the dissemination plan and our dissemination strategy must include every possible way of communication with the stakeholders.

Interviews with Entrepreneurs

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