Intellectual Output 1

Benchmark Research on career Guidance and Developing the Entre@VetSchools Competence framework for Entrepreneurial routes

The main aims of this Intellectual Output is to invwas to investigate the current scene in all partner countries in relation to the 5 key aspects of the project.

      1. the needs of Career Counselors for supporting students’ orientation with a specific focus on EnEd and the needs of students in developing entrepreneurial attitudes, competences and skills
      2. the strategies/policies at the national level in relation to Career Guidance and Services in general and in relation to EnEd in particular.
      3. the curriculum provision and practical implementation of EnEd within the timetable,
      4. the provision of training opportunities for Career Counselors
      5. the compliance of national policies/practice with EU strategies and initiatives

The results of the Comparative report which were based on the National Report of all particpating partners are:
Comparative Report