1. Conference


Date: 10th of December 2019 

Venue: Reykjavik University


“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world” (Nelson Mandela). Entrepreneurs
possess the skills and vision that we believe will enable us to succeed and strengthen the
community around us. The goal of the ENTRE@VET project is to promote entrepreneurship
education by training and empowering professionals in the vocational education sector.

Moreover, to will seek to find ways to update their methods and practices, and thus address the
important task of providing students with insight that will enable them to cope with challenges
and enhance their entrepreneurial skills.

The emphasis on entrepreneurship education is essential, not only to shape the minds of young
people but also to provide them with opportunities to enhance skills, knowledge, and attitudes
that are key to the development of entrepreneurial culture. The result is beneficial, mainly to
acquire useful skills and understanding of the business environment that the entrepreneur sees as
an opportunity. Furthermore, an entrepreneur that has had the chance to adopt business skills
through education is believed to seize opportunities based on available knowledge. It also helps
them set goals, secure financial well-being, and contribute to the economic health of the