The dissemination activities for Greece can be split in 2 periods. Before the outburst of the pandemic we used both face to face and online activities to disseminate our project, in the period of the pandemic and the strict lockdown we faced for months in our country, our activities where mainly online.

Informing teachers and administration of our school and schools we share the same building about the project

During the first period, we informed in schools meetings the administration and staff and staff from close schools about our project. We continued the flow of information on virtual meetings during the period of the whole project.

Postings on our official site

Information about our project in Regional Second Grade Education Directorate webpage

Our educational authorities, teachers and staff of our regions schools could be informed about our project from our directorate official web page, which covered our project with postings, photos and press releases.



Multiplier Event

Our multiplier event took place on 12 of April 2021. For safety reasons, we split our multiplier event in our two shifts, morning and evening shift. In each shift, the multiplier event included a brief welcome, an introduction to our project and its products in our school’s amphitheater with all necessary precautions, and a workshop demonstrating our tool bank and the platform of the project. Despite the transport restrictions which are still valid for our region, we invited and welcomed teachers not only from our region (Piraeus) but from many places from the metropolitan area of Attica We also welcomed teacher instructors and counselors and a couple of entrepreneurs, as their opinion is also valuable. We were fully satisfied by the outcome of the multiplier event and so were our participants as their answers to our evaluation questionnaire were enthusiastic, considering the difficult period everybody is facing throughout Europe.

Receiving such positive feedback and interest from the event, we decided to plan a follow-up webinar for anyone who will want to get more information and training on our tool bank and especially our platform.

Making and distribution of EntreVET souvenirs

We created and distributed in our ME and in our students, teachers and other stakeholders who participated in our project our EntreVET souvenirs. We had a positive feedback and see that the EntreVET logo and project is visible through our “promoters”.