C2 – Blended Mobility Event!

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ – Rossevelt
💯 The consortium participated at the online C2 – Blended Mobility Event for VET learners, as part of the Erasmus+ VET project ‘ENTRE@VETSCHOOLS: Promoting Key Competences (Entrepreneurship) Through an Integrated Career Orientation Programme and Flexible Learning Pathways for Vet Students between the 2nd -4th March 2021.
👉 The event offered a great opportunity for students around Europe to exchange good practices, create networks and take part in different workshops related to entrepreneurship. The participants also had the opportunity to take part in a discussion with Mr. Oliviu Matei, Owner of HoliSun and Professor at the Technical University of Cluj.

Screenshots from the Event!

What our participants had to say

"The whole project was inspiring. It helped me a lot to organize my way of thinking!"
Giannis H
VET Student
"It was a nice and interesting experience! I enjoyed so much getting in contact with students from other countries and the subjects where exciting!"
Giorgos G
VET Student
"To be part of this training has given me a very enriching experience as I could meet people from different countries around Europe and have a good laugh at the same time as I have been inspired for their ideas and their creativity and been able to develop my own one!"
VET Student
"An interesting session where views of a wide range of backgrounds and experiences were shared and contributed".
VET Student and Entrepreneur
"I had a great experience participating in the entrepreneurship training, the sessions gave me a good insight into what skills I should aim to develop if I hope to be a successful entrepreneur and I left the sessions feeling inspired to take on an entrepreneurial venture in my future. It was exciting to be working with students from across Europe as it gave me new perspectives and ideas to think about, I would recommend the training to any student hoping to increase their entrepreneurship knowledge. I particularly enjoyed the challenges as they allowed us to put the tips and guidance we had received into practice and produce some innovative ideas as a result of this."
VET Student
‘Excellent event and great people – I really enjoyed it and learned alot through it’
VET Student
‘I was always fascinated by those people who can come up with a new idea and make it into reality. This seminar gave me the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship and the development of entrepreneurial skills, and also in a fun way I must admit!’
VET Student
‘Really useful stuff, even if you are not planning to build your own business, the skills and knowledge you gain can be helpful in the job market in general’
VET Student
‘I enjoyed the activities, and getting the opportunity to learn what other students are doing in their own country in terms of entrepreneurial training’
VET Student
What I liked most about the training was the enthusiasm of the people, the professionalism and involvement of all the partners in this project. This is really inspiring. Also, there were some excellent ideas and challenging activities!
Claudia Stainer
VET Trainer
It was a great pleasure to participate in this training. During the 3 days I discovered young people with innovative ideas, open to communication and collaboration. This project is an opportunity for these wonderful young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills. I wish you success in everything you undertake and a beautiful spring.
Alina Natalia Pop
VET Trainer